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NACHES Ranger District trails now open for the year!

Effective June 3rd 2016 all motorized trails are open!

Forest Service road 1808 to be closed Monday-Thursday

FS 1808 Rd will be closed for construction Mondays through Thursdays through the summer.  This will bar access to the Copper City Trailhead except for Friday through Sunday.  Once we get word that the road is open we will announce it here and on our Facebook page.

New Trail Page for Copper City Trail

We just recently had the chance to run the Copper City Trail.  We now have a page with description, pictures and GPS track file available.  Go the to Copper City Trail page.

Product Review:

Welcome Distributing's Grabars

If you have been looking for solid and dependable grab bars for your Jeep then look no further.  We install and test Welcome Distributing's Grabars for Jeep TJ and JK.


Product Review:

Banks Torque Tube Header

Cracked Jeep headers are a common and ongoing problem for many Jeepers.  If you are in need of a new header and don't know what to buy you might want to read our review of the Banks Torque Tube Header before you make your buying decision.  It may just save you a lot of time, money and hassle!

Where do you need a Discover Pass?

Among the areas where you will need the new state Discover Pass to wheel are: Ahtanum, Walker Valley, Tahuya, Elbe, Yacolt Burn and Capitol Forest. Also keep in mind. If you own an RV you use when you go wheelin' on state land you need a pass for that too! Here is a MAP of the areas that require the pass.

Need a wiring diagram for your Jeep?

If you are in need of a wiring diagram for your Jeep, head on over to Google documents.  Google documents has wiring diagrams for 1987 through 2009 Jeep Wranglers in .PDF format.  Click HERE to go there!

Road Closures

Many of the roads used to access trails from hwy 410 near Cliffdell are closed. Be sure to check with the forest service for the latest information on road conditions before making plans for a trip to the area. Current FS road conditions can be found here.

Rimrock Area Trail Closures

Effective on July 9th 2010 several trails south of Rimrock lake which effect the Tieton Watershed have been closed to motorized travel.  This is a temporary closure but we do not know for how long.  During the closure, established as well as unauthorized trails will be closed to protect the watershed.  For more information and a map of the affected area see the Naches Ranger District Page on the closure.

Illegal off-roader ordered to confess on Youtube

A 29 year old Camas Washington man was ordered by Clark County Court to confess his activities in a YouTube video after he was convicted of driving his 4x4 around a locked gate and doing an estimated $2000 damage to public land.  See the video here.   As we have maintained here before at NWJeepn, just because you bought or built a 4x4 doesn't mean you have the right to wheel it anywhere you want.  Rickey Sharrot has now learned that lesson the hard way.   TREAD LIGHTLY!


Look for and click on the Geocaching symbol on the trails list for caches that are associated with that trail.  Some are our own and some have been placed by others.

Little Rattlesnake Trail

































Join the Forest Watch Volunteer Program and help save our trails.

A growing number of off-roaders are tired of the damage being done by a small number of ignorant wheelers that are destroying our public lands and our credibility. BE WARNED, if you are one who thinks mud bogging our trails, cutting trees down to get your rig down a tight trail or vandalizing public facilities is fun then a member of ORV Forest Watch may just be watching and taking your picture to turn over to the authorities.

If you are a responsible off-roader and are tired of seeing this kind of damage then join ORV Forest Watch and commit to helping solve the problem by turning in violators.

Join Forest Watch on Facebook

Get involved in saving our trails by joining Forest Watch.  You can now keep up with them on Facebook.


Recent Articles

Updated OBA Writeup

We have updated our OBA pages to more accurately reflect the changes we have made since the original install over 10 years ago.  We have streamlined our systems and updated components to improve reliability and reduce maintenance.  Go to the OBA pages to read more.


Build the rig to fit the trail

What is so hard for some people to understand about this?  Why is it so hard for some to understand that if you want to fit between two trees that are only 72" apart that you can't use full size axles under your Jeep?  Because so many can't seem to grasp this concept the results are trail restrictions which are starting to pop up on some of our northwest trails.

Little Rattlesnake Trail Write-up

We finally got the chance to run the newly reopened Little Rattlesnake trail.  Tight and twisty this is the domain for narrow and short wheelbase rigs only.  Read our write-up here


Drop Tailgate Conversion

When your TJ is laid up in the garage needing rear suspension work,  a new steering box and steering knuckle ball joints and you have no power to your CB what do you do first?  Design and install an inexpensive drop tailgate conversion, priorities man!


Top 10 dumbest Jeep Accessories

We've all seen them, those dumb looking rigs rolling down the street or parked in the lot at the local mall loaded with chrome, and sporting stickers that state "It's a Jeep Think You Wouldn't Understand".  So here is our Top 10 Dumbest Jeep Accessories we see all the time.


Is your stock TJ steering gear tired of turning large tires?

If it's time to replace your steering gear you might want to consider swapping over to a Dodge Durango steering gear. A direct bolt in replacement for the stock TJ gear, this unit has a bigger piston for more turning power.


Ford 8.8 Axle Conversion

We build up a Ford 8.8 axle and install it in our TJ. If you are considering this swap then you will want to read up on it before you get started.



Updated rear bumper project

After making over a dozen rear bumpers we have learned a lot. We have recently just updated our rear bumper project pages to let you in on what we have learned.



Product Reviews

Product Test:  Torque App for Droid Phones

How cool would it be to be able to monitor your engine ECM in real time, scan "Check Engine" error codes and clear them all using your Droid powered smart phone?  Now you can.  This is one of the coolest uses for a smart phone we have found yet.  Read how to do it.


Rock Krawler Lift

Rock Krawlers 5.5" X-Factor Long Arm Lift

Looking into upgrading your suspension to a long arm lift? Take a closer look at the Rock Krawler X-Factor lifts for your Jeep. Read about how our installation went and our impressions of this suspension.



Warn Gas Tank Skid

Warn Heavy Duty Gas Tank Skid

You WANT this on your Jeep, you NEED this on your Jeep. Gas tank protection is an absolute must if your Jeepn' the hard trails.


Cobra 75WX

Communications on the trail are a necessity

If you own a TJ or a JK Jeep and are having trouble finding the right CB for your rig due to a lack of space then check out the Cobra 75WX.