Crystal Ridge Trail 4W319

Crystal Ridge Trail (4W319)

Distance: 9.1 miles
Approx. Running time: 4 hours
Difficulty: Most Difficult

Pass Needed: NO

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The Crystal Ridge trail is by far one of our most favorite trails in Liberty.  This trail has it all.  Great views, hill climbs, off-camber, tight spots you name it.  If you choose to run the entire trail it does make for a long day.  We usually opt to exit early on the eastern half of the trail so as to make it a bit shorter.

Our last visit to the trail in the summer of 2006 saw that some maintenance had been done.  Brush had been cleared back so as not to pin-stripe your rig so much.  There was at least one very large tree however that had fallen over the trail which would serve as a barricade to a rig running a taller lift and anything over about 35" tires.

At about 5.38 mile in if you are running the trail from west to east, the trail exits onto a forest service road, the number of which we could not find.  Turn right and follow this road about .6 mile and watch for the continuation of the trail on the left.  If you have had enough, then continue on the road which will eventually meet up with the FS3500 (Reecer Creek Rd.)

If you elect to continue on the trail you will come to one point in the trail that will have you climbing up a slight hill, the trail will seem to fade out and evidence of the trail looks as if it is continuing on straight up the ridge line.  However, continuing straight ahead will dead end, what you can't see from the drivers seat is that the trail makes a hard right turn and descends a hill rather abruptly.  More than once we have been caught off guard here.  As making the right turn puts you in a very bad angle and close to roll-over, it can be a very scary ride until you get established pointing down hill.  I can't remember the exact spot, but you will know it when you get to it!  Take a moment to get out of your rig and take a look before you commit.  In each instance I have found that I have undercut the turn by about 10 feet or so and it is a scary ride!  Once you start the turn it is best to add some gas and get pointed down hill as quickly as possible to avoid a roll over situation.  Drivers with taller rigs with high center of gravity will definitely get the "pucker factor" here.  At the far east end the trail will emerge into a small clearing and exit onto FS3500 (Table Mountain Road) or (Reecer Creek Road).  Turning right will take you to Ellensburg via Reecer Creek Rd. and turing left will take you to Lion Rock and you can also access the Nealy Creek Trail (4W315).

Getting There:

From Hwy 97, turn onto Liberty Road and proceed towards the town of Liberty. After .8 mile from the highway watch for a road on the right that descends down into a gully and crosses Williams Creek. There is room here to park RVs for camping and it is quite common to see them here. Continue to follow this road until it forks, stay to the right, this spur is the 115 road. After .3 miles there is another fork, stay right again and continue on the 115 road to the end in another .3 mile. The Pit Overlook Trail (4W321) is on the right and the Crystal Ridge Trail (4W319) is on the left.