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X-Factor lift

X-Factor Lift


We have now been able to put our new X-Factor lift to the test at two of our local "proving grounds" (ORV parks) and have to say that for a 5.5" lift the Jeep performs very well on the trail without the sensation of being as high up as we are.  For certain, the extra weight of the solid control arms and 1/4" plate that is used in this system puts weight down low where it needs to be to counteract the taller center of gravity.  Articulation is nothing short of phenomenal for a rig that sees double duty as a daily driver and a trail runner.

On street performance is solid and predictable.  Our only gripe is in the valving of the RK shocks which seem to be a bit stiff for our liking.  However the real proof is in the performance.  Our TJ handles even the toughest northwest trails now with a little more ease. Although due to the added height, areas that are off-camber on the trail puts our top side in contact with a few trees here and there that a shorter lift won't.

That is to be expected though and for sure a 5.5" lift isn't for everyone.  Rock Krawler does make the same kit available in a 4.5" if you don't want to go so high.

We also found that customer service with Rock Krawler was outstanding.  In a day and age where you almost come to expect bad service and an "I don't care after the sale has been made" attitude from some businesses out there, Rock Krawler was a breath of fresh air to deal with.  Our questions and concerns were always delt with promptly and professionally.  Email to them rarely went unanswered longer than 30 minutes and we even got email back after the close of the business day.

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