Trail # Trail Name Miles Difficulty Geocache
  Tahua State Forest 4x4 Loop Trail 6.7 Easy


Trail # Trail Name Miles Difficulty Geocache
  Evans Creek ORV Area   Varies
  Surprise Lake 2.3 More Difficult  

Cle Elum Valley

Trail # Trail Name Miles Difficulty Geocache
4W301 Fortune Creek 6.5 Easy
4W302 Van Epps Pass 5.2 Easy  
4W303 Van Epps Loop 0.8 Easy  
4W304 Hawkins Mtn. Mines 1.3 More Difficult  
4W305 Mine To Market 2.5 More Difficult  


Trail # Trail Name Miles Difficulty Geocache
  Reiter ORV Park      

Kettle Falls / Twin Sisters

Trail # Trail Name Miles Difficulty Geocache
98 Mack Mountain 8.75    
102 Owl Mountain 7.0    
107 Thompson Ridge 4.25    
109 Twin Sisters 5.4    

Liberty / Table Mountain

Trail # Trail Name Miles Difficulty Geocache
4W312 Upper Naneum(Tronson Ridge) 2.4 Easy
4W315 Nealy Creek 2.3 More Difficult  
4W316 Ragan Way 2.35 More Difficult  
4W318 First Creek 2.5 More Difficult  
4W319 Crystal Ridge 9.1 Most Difficult
4W320 Hidden Gulch 1.5 More Difficult  
4W321 Pit Overlook 4.1 More Difficult
4W323 Wildcat Gulch 2.3 More Difficult  
4W324 Guard Station 3.9 Most Difficult  
4W325 Baker Ridge 2.6 More Difficult  
4W326 Ball Ridge 2.2 More Difficult  
4W327 Baker Creek 3.8 Most Difficult
4W329 Tuff Ridge 3.9 More Difficult  
4W332 Lion Gulch 2.1 More Difficult
4W334 Hole In The Rock 3.1 More Difficult
4W336 Pole      
4W337 Meadow      
4W339 Billy Goat Gulch 2.4 Most Difficult
4W340 Baker Tie 0.6 More Difficult  

Manastash Ridge(Little Naches) / Nile Creek

Trail # Trail Name Miles Difficulty Geocache
4W306 Manastash Ridge 7.4 More Difficult
4W307 Tripod Flat 5.1 More Difficult
4W307.1 Lost Lake 0.9 More Difficult  
4W308 Shoestring 3.5 More Difficult  
4W309 String 1.5 More Difficult  
4W310 Frost 1.2 More Difficult  
4W311 Divide (Buck Meadows) 6.3 More Difficult  
4W328 Wells Meadow 1.5 More Difficult  
4W330 Tipover 2.5 Most Difficult  
4W617 Lilly Pond 1.9 Most Difficult  
4W644 C.J.R.s Hideout 3.2 Easy
4W665 Sweet Home 1.3 Easy
4W675 Cattle Camp 1.5 Easy  
4W676 Kaner Flats 6.9 Most Difficult
4W685 Woodpecker Bypass 1.0 More Difficult  
4W686 Milk Creek 3.5 Easy  
4W694 Summit (Funny Rocks) 4.6 More Difficult  
4W695 Mid Summit (Moon Rocks) 2.3 More Difficult
4W696 Mud Springs 11.2 More Difficult
4W697 Clover Springs (lower section) 2.5 Most Difficult  
  Clover Springs (FS1605 to 4W696) 5.1 More Difficult
4W900 Powerline (Ravens Roost) 8.5 More Difficult
  Manastash Ridge Road 11.4 Easy

Rimrock Lake / Ahtanum

Trail # Trail Name Distance Difficulty Geocache
4W325A Bethel Ridge 7.0 Easy  
4W601 Hog Back 2.9 Most Difficult  
4W608 Louie Way 5.0 Most Difficult
4W608A Long Lake Tie 0.4 Most Difficult  
4W609 Pickle Prairie 2.5 More Difficult  
4W609A Pickle Prairie Loop 1.0 Most Difficult  
4W610 Shorty 0.2 Easy  
4W611 Pickle Prairie North 0.6 More Difficult  
4W613 Divide Ridge East 12.0 More Difficult  
4W615 Divide Ridge West 8.0 Most Difficult  
4W619 Narrow Neck Gap 2.9 Most Difficult  
4W620 Rattlesnake 2.5 Most Difficult  
4W621 Blue Slide 5.1 Most Difficult  
4W636 Donnicker Pass 1.3 Most Difficult  
4W637 Short & Dirty 5.7 Most Difficult  
4W638 Rocky Slide 1.2 Most Difficult  
4W639 Spencer Creek 1.8 Most Difficult  
4W640 Memorial Meadow 3.7 Most Difficult  
4W641 Leaning Tree 3.8 Most Difficult  
4W642 Butcher Knife 3.8 Most Difficult  
4W651 Buckhorn Gap 2.0 Most Difficult  
4W651A Buckhorn Gap Loop 0.7 Most Difficult  
4W652 Bethel Oak 4.4 More Difficult  
4W654 Copper City 2.9 Most Difficult  
4W661 Humphrey Butte 6.2 Most Difficult  
4W663 Jumpoff Bypass 1.2 Most Difficult  
4W671 Lynn Lake 1.0 Most Difficult
4W672 Bethel Overlook 0.7 Easy  
4W677 Spruce Creek 1.8 Most Difficult  
4W680 Little Rattlesnake 4.35 Most Difficult
4W699 Section 3 Overlook 2.0 More Difficult  
  Pucker Ridge   Death Wheelin'  

ORV Areas / Miscellaneous Trails

Trail # Trail Name Miles Difficulty Geocache
  Elbe Hills ORV Area   Most Difficult  
  Evans Creek ORV Area   Varies
  Walker Valley ORV Area   Most Difficult  
1175/684 Naches Pass Trail 7.8 More Difficult
  Lower Naches 2.3 Most Difficult  
  Umtanum Ridge   Easy/Varies  
  Yacolt Burn   Varies  
  Sadie Creek